Genome assembly

The University of Maryland Assembly Group aims at creating the best possible software for whole genome assembly. We develop the MaSuRCA genome assembler. The MaSuRCA genome assembler can be used on assembly projects of all sizes, from bacteria genomes to mammalian genomes to large plant genomes. MaSuRCA has been used to assemble de novo a variety of genomes, sometimes improving on published genomes using added data, sometimes creating the first publicly available draft genome for the species.

Are you experiencing problems with MaSuRCA? Contact us. We would like to help if we can. Perhaps we can point you in the right direction.

  • Loblolly pine, Pinus taeda, 24Gb genome, preliminary assembly, joint with David Neale and Chuck Langley, UC-Davis, and Pinerefseq consortium. Illumina data.
  • Cardiocondyla ant, 454/Illumina mixed data.
  • Indian cow, Bos indicus, joint with USDA-ARS, 454/Illumina mixed data.
  • Rhesus macaque, Macaca mulatta, joint with Robert Norgren, University of Nebraska. Sanger/Illumina mixed data.
  • Water Buffalo, Bubalus bubalus, joint with USDA-ARS and CASPUR, Italy. 454/Illumina mixed data.
  • Domestic cat, Felis felis, joint with Wes Warren, Washington University, St. Louis. Sanger/454/Illumina mixed data.
  • American bison, Bison bison. 454/Illumina mixed data.
  • Philippine tarsier, Tarsius syrichta, joint with Wes Warren, Washington University, St. Louis. Sanger/Illumina mixed data.
  • Fire ant, joint with Sasha Mikheleev, OIST, Japan. 454/Illumina mixed data.
  • Stalk-eyed fly, Teleopsis dalmanni, joint with Gerry Wilkinson, University of Maryland. 454/Illumina mixed data.